Long COVID poses a variety of challenges for those affected - both health-related and social. To support you in managing your symptoms and other questions, Altea permanently develops Guidebooks. The topics can be grouped into different categories, as shown by the keywords below. The Guidebooks on symptoms are highlighted in yellow, those on social issues in blue. The offer of Guidebooks is constantly being expanded. For an overview of all Guidebooks visit our Download Center. 

Now available: Altea Care

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The following people supported us with their technical expertise in creating the Guidebook section:

  • All those affected people who help with the development of Altea by sharing their experiences and needs;
  • Dr. med. Otto Brändli,specialist in Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, ApoDoc Hardbrücke Zürich practice and adjunct (visiting) professor, Bellevue Hospital, NYU Medical Center, New York, USA;
  • Dr. phil. Johannes Glarner, Yogi, Yoga Therapist, Lecturer in Yoga;
  • Helena Hefti Wenger, Wim Hof Instructor & breathing trainer;
  • Nicole Kessler, dipl. Physiotherapist FH, dipl. AEK therapist (acupressure and energetic bodywork according to Coaz);
  • Brigitte Ruff, complementary therapist with a federal diploma in respiratory therapy, recognized supervisor OdA KT, respiratory therapist after Middendorf and after Buteyko, trainer NeuroScanBalance, certified nurse AKP
  • Dr. med. Elisabeth Weber, Chief Physician, Internal Medicine Clinic, Stadtspital ZH Waid 
  • Dr. med. Lara Diem, Senior Physician mbF, Clinic for Neurology, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital
  • Christian Salzmann, Long COVID sufferer