If you wish, you can support our work with a donation.

In addition to health problems, those affected by Long COVID often also have to struggle with financial and legal difficulties. Therefore, Altea does not actively call for donations. Nevertheless, we keep receiving inquiries from people and companies who would like to support Altea. Do you agree with us that Long COVID is an important societal issue and want to support Altea? You have the opportunity to make a financial contribution to Altea. Altea is non-profit and appreciates any form of support.


Donations are used for the following purposes:

  • Development of Guidebooks on how to deal with the various symptoms based on existing scientific knowledge
  • Management of the Altea Community to facilitate interactions between affected people, families, researchers, and healthcare professionals
  • Writing and editing of Blogs and Stories in which current developments in science, medicine, law and politics are summarized and case studies by those affected are told

Our donation account

Account holder
Altea Long COVID Network Association
Rennweg 57
8001 Zürich

Financial institution: Zürcher Kantonalbank
Bank account no.: 1148-5544.951
IBAN: CH85 0070 0114 8055 4495 1
Clearing: 700

Thank you very much!

To be able to confirm your donation, we ask you to provide us with your full name and address when making the transfer.

Of course, you can also ask for a confirmation via e-mail. Just write a message with your name, last name and full address to with the subject: "Altea Donation". We will be happy to send you the confirmation.