Recommendation: COVID Longhaulers Podcast

Recommendation: COVID Longhaulers Podcast

The podcast is made by and for people affected by Long COVID. Patients share their personal experiences with the disease, their most scary moments and what has helped them so far.

A group of people affected by Long COVID started a podcast earlier this year. In each episode, one person talks about their experiences with Long COVID, what they suffered most from, what helped them and how their journey with the disease unfolded.

The idea for the podcast evolved from an international, English-speaking Long COVID exchange group on Discord. The podcast is hosted by people who have lived through Long COVID themselves and are still struggling with the long-term consequences.

So far, three episodes have been published, but more episodes are on the way.

In episode 1, Saltmaster Kali explains how he dealt with his primary symptoms postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and post-excertional malaise (PEM) throughout the last 4 years. Key to his recovery were a low-histamine diet and increased salt intake.

The 2nd episode focusses on Rush’s story. He experienced a whole bucket of exotic symptoms from mysterious kidney function over gastrointestinal problems to vibration feelings and panic attacks. While his body felt like his organs decided to go rogue one after another, his lab tests (and the doctors performing them) kept telling him, he’s perfectly healthy. It took months until Rush finally figured out that his mix of symptoms might be connected to his vagus nerve, and that vagus nerve dysfunction has been associated with Long COVID.

In episode 3 the 20-year-old Emerson talks about their experiences as a teenager with Long COVID in Switzerland. They are suffering from severe POTS accompanied by PEM, brain fog, and, most recently, gastrointestinal symptoms. After being told so many times, that due to their young age they’re going to recover quickly, Emerson wants to share their journey and show people, that young people are just as vulnerable and susceptible to Long COVID as older ones.


The podcast is available here:


You can get in touch with the support group on Instagram or Discord or join the discussion about the podcast in the Altea Forum. All links can also be found via this Linktree.