Now available: Summary of recommendations for post-COVID-19 condition

Now available: Summary of recommendations for post-COVID-19 condition

In August, the Swiss post-COVID recommendations for primary care physicians were published. We have summarized the recommendations for non-health care professionals.

The Swiss Recommendations for the Treatment of Persons with Post-COVID-19 condition (Long COVID) were commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), supported by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), and developed by specialists and patients from across Switzerland.

The preparation of the recommendations was led by the Department of Primary Care of the Geneva University Hospitals and the Department of Neurology of the Inselspital, Bern. Subsequently, the recommendations were validated by various Swiss professional societies.


Summary of key messages for non-health care professionals

On behalf of the FOPH, the Altea editorial team has summarized the key messages from the recommendations on symptom-based diagnosis and treatment of Long COVID for affected persons, their relatives, and interested parties in two guidebooks.

The first guidebook addresses symptom-based assessment of post-Covid 19 condition. The second guidebook focuses on treatment and reintegration options and provides some additional information on vaccination and Long COVID in children.

The summary of the recommendations is now available on Altea. The full version can be found here.