MediX Long COVID recommendations for primary care physicians

MediX Long COVID recommendations for primary care physicians

The mediX Switzerland network provides regularly updated recommendations for the management of Long COVID for primary care physicians.

The mediX Switzerland network consists of ten regional networks of physicians in Switzerland and was founded in 1998. The aim of the association is to create a high-quality, evidence-based, and cost-conscious medical care structure. Besides connecting primary care physicians and representing their interests, mediX provides up-to-date, practice-oriented recommendations for the treatment of numerous conditions.

Already in 2021, the first Long COVID fact sheet providing important information on the management of the disease was published by mediX. The information is constantly being updated based on the latest scientific evidence. The last update was published in April 2023 and is available here.

The mediX fact sheet provides practice-oriented, evidence-based recommendations for the management of Long COVID

Long COVID is a condition that can present in many different ways due to the numerous symptoms it may involve. For primary care physicians, who are often the first point of contact for Long COVID patients, it is important to be aware of the condition and to know how affected persons can be identified rapidly and accurately.  

The latest mediX Long COVID factsheet gives a quick overview on the definition and prevalence of the disease, possible symptoms, a summary of potential risk factors and the current knowledge on the pathomechanism. Moreover, a short list of warning signals can help the primary care physician to identify patients faster, paving the way for an early diagnosis and improved management.

The factsheet determines the basic diagnostic work-up and provides an overview on treatment options with an emphasis on how to best advise Long COVID patients. As the first point of contact, the primary care physician often has a special level of trust and usually knows the patients and his medical history since years. Therefore, he is able to understand the patients’ individual needs and to optimally advise on how to inform themselves, what kind of self-management options they have and where they can get specialized help, if needed. The mediX factsheet provides a great overview on these topics and can thereby help primary care physicians to better meet their patients’ needs.