Altea Care – Digital support in Long COVID diagnostics

Altea Care supports healthcare professionals and people affected by Long COVID in diagnostics and case management. The combined application consists of an app for patients and a web-based portal for healthcare professionals. The pilot project is currently in the test phase with selected practices and clinics. The aim of the test phase is to optimize Altea Care to meet the needs of users and make it available to the public.

Altea Care for Professional

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A pilot project to improve Long COVID care

Based on the "Evidence-based Post-COVID-19 Assessment" (EPOCA), movos AG has developed an innovative digital application to simplify Long COVID diagnostics in cooperation with the Altea Association and the Swiss insurance medicine.

Altea Care offers an app for patients that allows them to complete the majority of the EPOCA questionnaire at home on their mobile device. Healthcare professionals use the web based Altea Care medPortal, which transmits the patient's answers, enables flexible case management and automatically generates a report once the questionnaire has been completed. Two additional medical tests must be carried out during the consultation at the clinic. The time required to finalize EPOCA on site can be reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes thanks to Altea Care.

Altea Care is directed towards the needs of people affected by Long COVID

Advantages for patients:

  • Structured documentation of symptoms
  • Carrying out the assessment at home: patients can carry out the assessment according to their energy resources and take breaks if necessary
  • Shortening the time to diagnosis: by speeding up the assessment process, targeted therapy can be initiated as quickly as possible for people affected by Long COVID

Altea Care supports healthcare professionals in the case management of their Long COVID patients

Advantages for healthcare professionals: 

  • Standardized data for systematic decision-making
  • Quality management: documentation of medically and actuarially relevant parameters in an assessment
  • Continuous and clear progress monitoring
  • Increased efficiency in consultation hours
  • Automatic report generation


Are you a healthcare professional caring for Long COVID patients?

Altea Care was developed for

  • primary medical care,
  • specialized Long COVID consultations and
  • insurance medical evaluations.


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Altea Care – Data protection

Privacy by design

We live by the principles of "Privacy by Design" and thus ensure that the privacy of patients is protected at all times and that compliance with data protection regulations is incorporated into the design of our products.

To ensure the security of your data, we use state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies. These technologies encrypt your data both during transmission and storage so that only authorized persons have access to it.

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Altea Care – Good to know

  • Patients can only use Altea Care after being invited to do so by their doctor.
  • During the pilot phase, Altea Care will be available to selected practices and clinics.
  • As soon as the pilot phase is completed, Altea Care will be publicly available.


If you have any questions or would like support with Altea Care, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We will be happy to help you.

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What is EPOCA?

The "Evidence-based post-COVID-19 Assessment" was developed by the EPOCA working group of the Swiss Insurance Medicine (SIM). EPOCA is a needs-based tool for evaluative and accompanying screening of Long COVID symptoms with the overarching aim of coordinating treatment and rehabilitation paths as well as reintegration measures.